On-the-Go Dining Experience

Visual Brand Language

Project Brief

Develop an on-the-go meal experience for the Cadillac brand. The product must speak to the visual brand language and the targeted persona.

Spring 2020

Brand Study

Working in teams of three, we began carefully analyze the Cadillac brand; from its history to today's lineup of vehicles. What features, characters, and details speak to the identity of the brand? What is the core essence of a Cadillac?

To aid our understanding, we worked with a 2 x 4 x 6in block of foam, that would carry the visual brand language of Cadillac.

Style Guide & Persona

The Style Guide was created based on our observations and understanding of the Cadillac's visual brand language. This guide was to serve in informing the final form of our product, as we continued to ideate and develop concepts.

We independently identified a specific persona that we would design a meal experience around. I developed a persona around a diplomat, who travels frequently often in long distances in prestigious environment.

System Study


Now that my persona was chosen, I knew I was designing for the rear passenger. Sitting in the rear seat of the chosen vehicle I was designing for helped familiarize myself with the interior space.

We were also able to fabricate a crude yet effective "car" with true dimensions for the interior space. This helped situating my prototype in a real space and adjusting the scale accordingly. 


I imagined having a separate catering company that would provide the actual meal. 

  • How does the experience in the car provide seamless transition from a first-class airline experience?

  • How does it add value for the passenger?

  • On-the-go "restaurant" experience

Interior & Interaction Study


I noted formal dinner table setups to replicate a similar experience of dining in a restaurant. 
The prototype dimensions were dictated by the width of the front passenger seat and the dimensions of the plates and wine glass.

Interior & Interaction Study


I then generated concept sketches, referring back to the style guide. 

The challenge was to refrain from creating a form that was too literal that would look like a car, but not too abstract that it would distance itself from the brand language. 

Visual Model

Due to the large scale of my product, I created a 1/2 scale model out of high-density foam. 

I took a bold approach with the exterior, taking in elements like the retro tail-fins, and asymmetric form to keep it less literal. 

Final Product

The frontal presence of the Cadillac was replicated through the front surface as it wraps around and transitions into a top surface. 

The side view provides a much clearer connection to the 60's tail fins, but also the sharp tapering at the rear of all modern Cadillacs, making them seem like moving objects even when standing still.

Final Service Model & Interaction

The catering service passenger experience are separate. The catering service model is designed to provide the most seamless transition from one mode of transport into the car.